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15th Century English Transcript Example
Extract (lines 1-17 only) from the Will of John Hotoft of Knebworth, Hertfordshire, England
dated  21st October 1438 (17 Henry VI) London, proved 10th May 1443
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   1.   The last wille of John hotoft made at London in the fest of xj mL  virgines (11 thousand virgins, St.Ursula, 21st October) the yeer of the Regne of King Harry the

  2.   Sixt  . xvij .  (17 Henry VI, 1438) is this . First I wylle that ther is put in suer keping of money the which is redy in hande for a

  3.   prest to sing for me and al other that are nempued in  . ij .  bill being in knebworth churche in the keping of

  4.   the person (parson) of Wynbyssh & Sir Willm for to sing in the same cherch . vij . yeer next folowing after my

  5.   dethe . taking by yeer . X . marc (10 marks = £6 13s 4d)  & the som total  .  xlvj li xiij s iiij d . (£46 13s 4d = 70 marks) Ther is redy at knebworth wt inne a lone

  6.   Bownden Cofr  . CC . mrc (200 marks =£133 6s 8d) . Also ther is redy at London in my Comier/Comur/Conner? . L . mrc . (50 marks = £33 6s 8d) Also I will that ther be solde

  7.   of sylver vessell to myne use in all possible the parsellys folowyng that is for to wytte  . ij .  chargeres  . vij .  disshes

  8.   vj .  Sawsrs of the best sort  . ij .  potts of sylvr of the best sort  . ij .  basons &  . ij .  Clerys of the best sort and . iiij .

  9.   cuppes of sylvr covred of the best sort  . ij .  sal[v]ers of silvr of myddelsort  . xxiiij .  spones of the best sort . Althis

10.   abovesaid I will that thei be solde in haste . For I wille have at my departing that is for to Wyte at

11.   the daye of my beryyng dabte to poor peple  . xx li .  (£20)  And also I Wille have a  . mL .  (thousand) masses at the same day

12.   and tyme withinne with inne [H]ertford Shir als many as may be getyng and the remennt at London . Also I wille

13.   have my howshold kepte at knebworth a hoole yeer after my dethe tyll the day of the terment be made

14.   all at my cost that is for to say my wyfe & my servntes such as are necessarie for to be hadde

15.   for the yeer with such goodes as are there & with my Cropp that is on the grounde for I knowe the[e] shall

16.   have y month where of . Also the[e] shalle have Myghelmasse rent at Knebworth War[wick] Leicester Shire and Essex

17.   and moor if hit nede for to kepe honestly my wyves astate for the yere . Also I wille that my wyfe have



 original document copyright © The National Archives (PRO) - Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Will of John Hotoft 10th May 1443
PCC Probate Register: Rous,  quire: 15,  folio: 117 verso - National Archives catalogue ref: PROB/11/1, Documents Online image ref: 199/24953


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