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“I am pleased with the result, it is plain that a great deal of time and effort (and skill of course) has gone into this.”

Graham Cooper

“I have received your transcription. Thank you so much, it is greatly appreciated. You have done a remarkable job. This will be of great assistance with my further research of the family tree”

Eyndall Donaldson

“I am thrilled with your prompt service and will be pleased to use you again”

Elizabeth Kirtland

“Thanks for the transcription and translation, it was money well spent. I was losing my mind trying to decipher this writing and understand the archaic French. I may have need of your services again when I return to researching my German ancestors.”

Stephen Laurette

“Thanks for processing the Latin translation so promptly and thoroughly. It makes fascinating reading. Happy to recommend you to anyone.”

John Scotford

“Thank you for absolutely amazing work. I would like to recommend your services to colleagues who encounter similar challenges with old documents.”

Peter Harmsen

“Thank you very much indeed for a prompt and fascinating translation which brings this document to life. It is an excellent piece of work and I am very grateful.”

William Slinger

“I am very happy with the transcripts. They provide me with avenues for further research that I was not aware of.”

Jay Kemp

“Thank you very much for a doing such a good job with the transcription, so promptly delivered as well.”

Helen Banham

“My thanks to you and your colleague Kristina for the excellent help. I am very grateful for this and shall recommend TSL to all who will hear.”

Frank Macrander

“Great job at a reasonable cost, many thanks!”

Carl Jacobs

“This is fantastic! We have had these French documents for over 10 years and have asked numerous people look at them, thinking they could translate them. Some were able to pick out a few words but we were never able to understand them fully. The translations you provided are tremendous.”

Don Irving

“Thanks again to you and your colleagues for your help, patience and skill with the translations.”

Charles Dendy

“Lars did a fantastic job with both introduction and translations (from French, Latin, Dutch) of our family ancestry documents!!!! My father, who is 81 years old, will be so excited to read these.”

Kate Versluis

“Thank you for a fast and excellent job, very much appreciated. I will tell people I know about your service.”

Stefan Seymour-Wright

“… we can now see how some of the wording is constructed. As amateurs we certainly wouldn’t have been able to get it as completely as you have, so many thanks indeed.”

Peter Sibley

“Excellent, this is most helpful. I could only interpret a small fraction of this document myself. It throws new light on my ancestor and his descendants. If I need future transcripts shall certainly use your services.”

Robert Bowles

“Very happy with the quality of your work; as a result I’ve even learnt words I never knew existed!”

Client in London

“Thank you very much for the transcription & translation of my 15th century latin Will. I have paid the invoice, money well spent. What your service has provided is better than I could have hoped for and the translator’s notes add an extra dimension of interest.”

Catherine Ott

“Very nice work. I can figure out a lot of old writing but this was way, way out of my league. I had expected that you might respond by saying some of it was unreadable but I have to say I was really blown away by the result. I would refer anyone needing a transcription to you in a split second.”

Sharon Hassall

“A complete transcript with all scribal abbreviation marks helpfully expanded. Thank you for taking such care.”

Patrick Mansell

“This is fantastic, thanks so much. I’m very pleased with your translation of the old French Will. All the names that I expected are in here, this is definitive evidence for some relationships I was hoping to prove.”

Joseph Chastain

“Thank you, I am very pleased with this. I had previously approached two other transcription services and been turned down because the handwriting was ‘illegible’.”

Laura Lee

“Thank you. I am pleased with the excellent work you did for me and think your prices very fair.”

Barry Hetherington

“Thank you so much for your work and professionalism. The result was definitely worth it and answered many questions I had about my grandfather. Feel free to use me as a reference, you are great to deal with.”

Mike Cuomo

“Transcription Services Ltd has done an excellent job translating two medieval Latin documents. One of them required transcription with abbreviations expanded and, despite having a good pass in ‘O’ level Latin, there is no way that on my own I could have understood this document, which gives such a fascinating picture of life in my village 500 years ago. Thank you.”

Mike Greig

“Many thanks for the excellent and interesting transcription. A very speedy service, no sooner said than done !”

Dorothy Harrison

“I am extremely pleased with your recent transcription of the Will of Thomas Payne. I especially appreciate the explanations of terms used and the photograph of a still-standing house once owned by my ancestors. I am very glad to have found your service and am happy to recommend it to others.”

Linda Stedjee

“Thank you for the excellent transcription. It was laid out much better than I expected and filled in all the gaps for me.”

Ann Laver

“The transcripts are excellent and just what I was looking for. I certainly couldn’t have read the contents by myself.”

W. Lester

“The Will was much as expected but I see mention of a few people that raise my eyebrows, as previously I could find no connection; it is exciting for me to finally establish these links. Well done. I shall certainly use your services again.”

D. Birkin

“I am very happy with the hard work and effort that went into transcribing the Alexander Stephens Civil War Papers. His handwriting is extremely challenging to read and I am impressed with TSL’s transcribing skills, courteous service, and quick turnaround. I most certainly could not have successfully done it myself, and I look forward to doing business with Transcription Services Ltd again.”

Shawn Devaney

“I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the Latin translation. Thank you so much.”

Ron Townsend

“A fantastic result. I will definitely know where to come next time.”

John E. Dennett

“Thank you for the excellent transcription, your careful and insightful work is much appreciated. I will be recommending your services to friends and contacts engaged in family history research.”

Ray Hemmings

“I have gone through the transcriptions in detail. I can now see at first hand that you have done a very good job on these documents and greatly assisted my project. Using your work I have been able to piece together parts of the history of the firm as revealed by these accounts.”

Prof. Steve Toms

“What a fantastic job you have done! It looks excellent, I am thrilled to read it all.”

Carol Foox

“Thank you for the marvellous job you did with the John Blake Will. I have managed to read Wills of a similar vintage before, but this one was beyond me. When I read your transcription alongside the original it all becomes clear, but I could not have done it without your help.”

Alan Must

“Thank you for a prompt, comprehensive, comprehensible and very well presented transcript. I particularly appreciate the elucidation of obscure terms.”

Frank Wintle

“I have been more than satisfied by your transcriptions of the journals. These have been done with great accuracy & care and the formatting of pages that you’ve used has made their use, as a substitute for the original, even greater. A pleasant surprise was your editorial team’s inclusion of footnotes, not only to clarify eccentric spelling but occasionally to identify texts being discussed by the author. Good work all around – thanks to you all.”

Stephen Symchych

“I received the translated document and am very impressed and pleased with the excellent result.”

Ken Rolston

“I have received the Charles V French transcription / translation, it is better than I could have hoped for, am absolutely delighted. I appreciate your time and effort and look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Andrew Freeman

“Many thanks for the Manx Manorial Roll transcripts, I was amazed at how quickly you managed to interpret them. Also the background information is really appreciated.”

Norman Harrison

“Thank you so much for such prompt service! The transcription looks great and I am impressed with the layout and additional notes.”

Stephen Basterfield

“I am delighted with both Latin and English paragraphs and impressed that it was done so professionally, so quickly. If you need a recommendation, I would be happy to provide.”

Katharine E. Harbury

“I am a very satisfied customer and will have no hesitation contacting you again when faced with another transcription, or recommending you to others in the same predicament.”

Denise Moore

“I have just now read and printed your Scots document transcription, many thanks for bringing this to life for me, at last I understand what it is about. All the best to you.”

Glen Weston

“I am very happy with the professional quality of the work and would be pleased to recommend you to others”.

Martin Collinge

“Although I have myself transcribed many Wills and other documents, including Manor Court Rolls, some, especially those going back this far, I find difficult. Your transcriptions are done properly and contain helpful additional information, I am happy to pay for your excellent service.”

Jackie Marriott

“I obtained a quote from another transcriber, he is OK but not as accurate as your chap. Cheaper yes, but I have now had the two works checked by an independent man at Oxford University who advises that, while both are close, yours is very accurate. Accuracy means everything to me in a Latin transcription as I have tripped up before due to the odd word being incorrect.”

Julian Rogers